Northern Renaissance


Monday we will look at the Northern Renaissance. The Northern Renaissance began as the ideas and art of the Italian Renaissance spread north into northern Europe. Midweek we will take a quiz on the Renaissance.

The link to the Northern Renaissance Power Point is here

After taking notes you will work on Primary source documents & watch a video on Machiavelli by 8 Bit Philosphy. You will read section of  Baldassaire Castilione’s work The Book of the Courtier and answer constructed response questions. Afterwards you will take a self-quiz on How Machiavellian are you? Then you will read about Machiavelli’s The Prince and answer constructed response questions. Links to the worksheets can be found below.

Primary Source Reading:  Baldassaire Castilione’s The Book of the Courtier

How Machiavellian are you self-quiz

Machiavelli’s The Prince worksheet

For a free ebook of Machiavelli’s The Prince see this link to Project Guttenberg a site which provides free ebooks

Machiavelli’s The Prince video by 8-Bit Philosphy

Below is a link to a documentary on the Northern  Renaissance presented by the BBC. Each episode is presented in four 15 minute blocks with a total of 3 episodes.

The Series was first broadcast 15 Nov 2007.In the series Joseph Leo Koerner argues that the Renaissance in Northern Europe – more so than its Italian counterpart – laid the foundations of modern art. In the early 15th century, the remarkable oil paintings of Flemish artist Jan Van Eyck transformed a lowly craft into the supreme art and began an image revolution that would change art forever.


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