Test this week

This week you will take a test on the Renaissance & Reformation. It will be worth 150 points.


How can you study?

First review the 2 Crash Course videos found in the earlier posts below. One is on the Renaissance and the other is on the Reformation. Or click the links above.

Secondly Read. The links below will provide online text to read on your phone, tablet or computer.

Macrohistory: The Renaissance Begins

Sparknotes: The Italian Renaissance

History Channel-Italian Renaissance

History Channel-Leonardo da Vinci

History Channel-Renaissance Art

Macrohistory:The Protestant Reformation

History Channel- The Reformation

History Channel- Martin Luther & the 95 Theses

Sparknotes: Henry VIII

Infoplease:Counter Reformation

Thirdly review your notes and fill in any missing or incomplete information by using the Powerpoints found in earlier posts. The links can be found below

Introduction to the Renaissance Powerpoint

Powerpoint Italian Renaissance Part 2

 Northern Renaissance Power Point

Powerpoint on the Reformation & Martin Luther

Powerpoint-The Protestant Reformation continues

English Reformation Power Point

Catholic Counter Reformation Powerpoint

Lastly complete the study guide. But remember completing the study guide does not mean just filling definitions using a glossary but having a complete understanding of the topic.

Unit 1 Renaissance & Reformation Study Guide You DO NOT have to complete a study guide. It is offered for your benefit. If you complete a study guide it will be worth 75 points. If you do not complete a study guide you will not be penalized. 

Essay: There will be a constructed response essay of at least 3-5 paragraphs as part of the test. DO NOT ignore it because it can cost you at least a letter grade. But I am letting you know ahead of time your choices on the essay. They are:

1.Causes of the Renaissance

2.Differences between the Italian Renaissance & the Northern Renaissance

3.Characteristics of the Renaissance

4.Causes & Effects of the Reformation.

Make sure you write at least 3-5 paragraphs on your chosen topic. The best grade will be a complete answer. Do not write a little bit on each topic but rather a complete answer on one topic. If needed you may use the graphic organizer found below to help structure & organize your essay.

Organize your constructed response




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