Columbian Exchange Lunch

Columbian ExchangeMAP
This week all classes will have an opportunity to enjoy the Columbian Exchange Lunch Project. The schedule for classes is as follows:

Monday: 7th period

Tuesday: 6th period

Wednesday: 5th period

Thursday: 3rd period

Friday: 2nd period

The Columbian Exchange-The global transfer & exchange of plants, animals &diseases. The lunch will allow us  to learn about the Columbian Exchange through the  ingredients in the food you bring.

You can prepare a dish to be shared in class. It can be an American dish or a dish from Asia, Africa or Europe. Bring enough to share.You will have an opportunity for 100 points. You must:

1.Bring a dish to share.

2. Label the dish & its ingredients.

3.On an index card explain how your dish fits in the Columbian Exchange.
Explain how the origins of the major ingredients on an index card to be seen by the dish.

4.Write a paragraph explaining how your food fits within the Columbian Exchange. The link below provides a map and space to write your paragraph.

Columbian Exchange Lunch Map

5.Clean up after eating

Columbian Exchange Lunch project

For more help review the Crash Course History Video found in a previous post.


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