Slavery & The Middle Passage

Triangular TradeMAP

Soon after the establishment of colonies in the Western Hemisphere the slave trade began. We shall examine the slave trade, The Triangular Trade and the Middle Passage. Upon completion & discussion of the slave trade you will answer completely the questions found at the end of the PowerPoint presentation. (also below) You can either use textbook(pages 85-89; 90-93) found in the classroom or use the readings found in the links below.

Slavery & The Middle Passage PowerPoint

Atlantic Slave Trade Reading from Whitney Plantation Website

Atlantic Slave Trade Reading

Age of Exploration Reading(with Mercantilism &Slavery)

Answer the Questions below COMPLETELY and in complete sentences:

1.How did the plants & animals in the Columbian  exchange change both Europe & the Americas?

2.What do you think is the most important principle of mercantilism? Explain

3.Why did people form joint-stock companies?

4.Why was the triangular trade developed?

5.How did the plantation system lead to the slave trade?

6.How did the African Diaspora affect the world?

7.What do you think was the most important tragic result of the African slave trade? Why?

For a hard copy for these questions click the following link: Mercantilism & Slavery Constructive Response Questions



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