The last subject we will examine before the Unit Exam will be Galileo. Galileo is considered the Father of Science who  laid the foundation for modern physics and astronomy. Galileo was the first to use a telescope to view the moon, planets and the heavens and came to the conclusion that Copernicus’ Heliocentric Theory was correct but Galileo faced opposition from the Roman Catholic Church that had made the Geocentric Theory a cardinal doctrine.  We will view a short powerpoint and then complete a worksheet with guided reading and comparing and contrasting Bacon & Descartes.

Galileo Powerpoint

Galileo Guided Reading Worksheet

We will also review either one or both of the short videos on Galileo

Galileo: Mini Biography

Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens (First Part of a multi part documentary which can be found on YouTube)

This Week: Unit Test

Tuesday/Wednesday you will take a Unit Test on the Age of Discovery. The study guide can be found below. I will not be printing a copy you must print it yourself or write it out on a separate paper. It is worth 75 points but is not required.

Unit 2 Age of Discovery Study Guide

Unit 2 Powerpoints and reading are also available below for your study and review

Introduction to the Age of Exploration & Explorers Powerpoint

Spain Conquers an Empire & Columbian Exchange Powerpoint

Colonies, Mercantilism, &Trade Powerpoint

Slavery & The Middle Passage PowerPoint

Scientific Revolution &Scientific Method Powerpoint

Atlantic World: Exploration, Mercantilism, Slavery Textbook Reading

Exploration Textbook Reading

Scientific Revolution Textbook Reading



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