The Spanish Armada

(c) National Maritime Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

(c) National Maritime Museum

This week we are looking at the conflict between the Spanish & English which culminated in the Spanish Armada. Make sure you complete the  Spanish Armada Primary & Secondary Sources Worksheet that was passed out. If you were not in class either come and pick up a worksheet in my class or download it here.                                       The last section will require a 3 paragraph summary and should be completed on a separate sheet of paper. Make sure you staple the paragraphs to the worksheet. This is the only assignment due this week and must be turned in on Friday. You must turn your assignment in by Friday even if your class doesn’t meet on Friday.

Note: The sheet which was passed out in class has a typo. It said that the English had 80 fire ships. It should say 8 fire ships. This has been corrected on the link.

Your worksheet must be completed in YOUR OWN WORDS. Do not copy or plagiarize.

The worksheet can be found through this linkSpanish Armada Primary & Secondary Sources Worksheet                                                                                 

The following video on the Spanish Armada is also very helpful.              



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