Assignment: Absolute Monarch Facebook Page


Each student will complete a mock Facebook page based on the life of a monarch that is discussed in class. (Artists & writers discussed are also options) If done well this is worth a 150 points. Instructions, rubric and possible Facebook templates can be found in the links below. Make it neat, use artwork/pictures, use your imagination. Bonus points will be awarded for excellence and creativity.

Due Date is Monday November 2. Any work turned in after that day will be penalized for lateness.


Project Requirements

Each student will choose one monarch or artist and must

  1. Research your monarch using at least the following four sources.
    1. Print source –book in library or reference book in library
    2. 3 internet sites of the student’s choice—NO WIKIPEDIA!
    3. You must take notes on the annotation pages and write a citation of the source in the correct MLA format.
    4. This annotated bibliography will be turned in with your facebook page.
    5. This MUST be neat and readable. You may type the page. Download one of the Facebook templates from the class website if needed.
    1. Create a mock FACEBOOK PAGE for that monarch including:
      1. Name, contact information (nationality/address)
      2. Objective statement (What your leader hopes to accomplish as a leader of this new nation)
      3. Information – background information about your candidate (date of birth/death, country, dates of reign, parents, spouse, children, etc.)
      4. Education / training (schools, military, religious, etc.)
      5. Work/Job Experience (positions of authority held/jobs)
      6. Accomplishments (Things your leader wants to stress in order to get hired. Make sure to list specific events and actions.)
      7. Failures (Things that might hurt your candidate. Note – this would not typically be stressed, but you might want to “spin” the failure to word it in a favorable way.)
      8. References (List the names and titles of at least two people that could be contacted about your leader’s ability to lead. These must be 2 actual historical people.)
      9. Don’t forget other FACEBOOK favorites – include a picture of your monarch, pictures of 3 people who would be your monarch’s friends with captions underneath identifying them, 5 Networks to which s/he would belong and write 2 status updates on your Wall—you can be funny or creative but the information must be accurate.

Instructions and Template for Facebook Project Link

Facebook Template #1 Link

Facebook Template #2 Link

Facebook Template Powerpoint JFK sample- (can be printed from Powerpoint)

Classroom Tools-Fakebook (Have not tried it yet, May be useful)


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