Monarchy in Central Europe


The last section we will discuss in this unit is Central Europe. The rulers of Central Europe did not rule as absolute monarchs. The Holy Roman Emperor did not inherit his title but was rather elected by electors who were the princes & kings of the kingdoms of the Holy Roman Empire. The emperor’s attempt to maintain control & impose Catholicism led to the Thirty Years War. The Thirty Years War caused much death and destruction and ended in the Peace of Westphalia which reduced the power of the Holy Roman Empire and the strengthening of individual states especially the emerging nations of Prussia & Austria.

This week we will complete the Monarchs of Europe Unit and prepare for a Unit Test on Monday/Tuesday. You will also need to turn in your Facebook Project. Look at one of the earlier posts for details. Links for today’s topics are below.


Monarchy in Central Europe Powerpoint 


Thirty Years War-Battle of Magdeburg/Virtual Tour of Versailles Powerpoint (last day Powerpoint)


Siege of Magdeburg 1631

Central European Monarchs Clash Textbook Reading 

The following assignments are not required but ca be used as makeup for the Scientific Revolution Organizer. Both must be completed for makeup.

Absolute Monarchs & Wars Organizer


Seven Years War(French & Indian War in North America)


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