New Unit- Political Revolutions


We begin a new Unit this week dealing with Political Revolutions paying special attention to the French Revolution. But before looking at the French Revolution we shall look at the Enlightenment also known as The Age of Reason.


In the 1600s and 1700s  a group of philosophers began to view reason as the best way to understand human nature, society & the world. This electrifying period of optimism  is called the Enlightenment, or the Age of Reason. It reached its peak in Paris in the 1700s. There, wealthy women began hosting social gatherings called salons where scientists, philosophers, artists, and writers met to discuss their ideas.


See the earlier post regarding the opportunity to complete a 300 point group project by acting out an Enlightenment Salon.

History Channel Article on the Enlightenment 

The Enlightenment PowerPoint

The Enlightenment in Europe  Textbook Reading

The Enlightenment Spreads Textbook Reading


Everyone will complete the Salon Guest Worksheet– You are arranging a Salon in Paris in the mid 1700s. Select 5 persons to include on the guest list. Put each guest in the columns.  Include: 1. Biography & background, 2. Main ideas 3.How are their ideas related to the Enlightenment. Then answer the question on Locke & Hobbes in the last box in a short paragraph in complete sentences

Salon Guest Worksheet


Hobbes vs. Locke


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