Enlightenment Monarchs


The ideas of the Enlightenment were not confined to France or England but spread throughout Europe to Prussia, Austria and even to Russia. Even monarchs and their advisers were exposed to enlightenment ideas and began to develop a system of government in which they governed according to Enlightenment ideals. These monarchs became known as Enlightened despots.


We will complete our examination of the Enlightenment by looking at it’s impact on arts & music and the enlightened despots especially Fredrick the Great, Joseph II, and Catherine the Great. The links for the Powerpoint are found below. I will be out on Friday so I am providing a guided notes sheet to aid you in your study of this topic which can also be found below.

The Enlightenment PowerPoint (The slides are in the 2nd half of the Powerpoint)

The Enlightenment Spreads Textbook Reading (includes reading on Enlightened Despots)

The Enlightenment Spreads & Enlightened Despots Guided Notes



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