Optional: 2 French Revolution & Napoleon Projects


This week we will begin looking at the French Revolution and since we are nearing the end of the semester you will have an opportunity to complete 2 optional projects centered upon the French Revolution & Napoleon.

First-Ugly French Revolution and/or Napoleon Sweater , Sweatshirt(or T-shirt)

French Revolution/Napoleon Shirt Instructions


  1. Your theme is the French Revolution and/or Napoleon.
  2. You must have at least 8 pictures and/or props on your shirt. Is more better? Yes. Tacky is our goal after all.
  3. Type a list of your shirt props and tell me how they relate to the theme.

Have fun.  Pictures. Children’s toys.  3D stuff. Whatever. Wear a hat.(Jacobin, Cap of Liberty, Napoleon)

Warning: Make sure your shirts are in good taste. No profanity or nasty shirts. Don’t have too much gore even with guillotine.   Should I be worried?

125 points


Second: French Revolution Movie Poster Assignment – Due December 11-125 points

French Revolution/Napoleon Movie Poster Instructions 

Design a movie poster based on the French Revolution, Napoleon or the Napoleonic Wars. Decide on the concept or historical figure that will be the main theme for the movie poster.  Overall, the idea for this assignment is to take a significant individual or theme (such as Louis XVI or The Reign of Terror) and create a movie poster showcasing the historical context as the backdrop of the poster.  There are a few special elements in the movie poster that make it or break it.

A Tale of Two Cities Poster 1

Movie Title

Student-made title must relate to the individual/topic and his/her/its significant contribution to history.

Representation of the Historical Figure/Topic

The individual/topic must be at the center of the poster.  How you choose to represent this individual, according to dress, physical appearance, instruments in their hands (book, weapon, broom, torch, chains, etc.) will signify the individual’s identity, occupation, social class, gender, and what they role the individual had in history.

One-liner Slogan

The one-liner slogan must be VERY carefully written to express the contribution, actions, positions, convictions, or theme this person had on history.  Of course, it can be humorous, but appropriate.

Starring & Directed by

Every good movie poster highlights its stars and director(s).  Show some creativity while expressing an understanding of historical accuracy.

Backdrop of the Poster

The surroundings of the individual within the poster is the depicted environment.  Do not make this a solid, dark color.  Think of the printing waste of ink.


Place a small web reference to a credible website that can provide further information.


The poster must show thoughtful use of color.  The poster must show adequate attention to detail to separate the historical figure from the rest of the poster.  Judicious use of space is paramount; the poster must avoid wide-open spaces, crowding, and unnecessary gaps.

Turning in the Poster

Your poster can be as small as a half a poster or whole poster. Do not copy from existing movies!

Individual Analysis –

You will be expected to turn in a one-page analysis of the movie poster which explains why you chose the design, historical figure/theme, and how it reflects the event.  You should also reflect on how your poster fits into the progression of posters/historical events.  This paper should be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font, single spaced, with 1” margins on all sides.  Your name, date, period, and assignment title should be in the top right-hand corner.


Topics – choose one topic below.   

  1. The Third Estate
  2. July 14, 1789
  3. National Assembly & the Tennis Court Oath
  4. Jacobins
  5. Georges Danton
  6. Murat and his death in the tub
  7. Robespierre
  8. King Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette
  9. Guillotine
  10. Reign of Terror
  11. Temple (Cult) of Reason
  12. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
  13. Napoleon Bonaparte
  14. Napoleon in Russia
  15. Battle of Waterloo

200 points



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