French Revolution: Three Estates Role Play


At the end of the week you will have an opportunity to examine the French Revolution through the viewpoint of a person in the class you were assigned earlier in the week. First Estate: clergy, Second Estate: Nobility, Third Estate: bourgeoisie(middle class) and Third Estate: peasants.

Each person will have a sheet unique to their Estate. You will have 2 scenarios presented and you will write at least a paragraph on how your character would respond to the event in the French Revolution.


After you complete your reaction paragraphs then you can join with others in class to complete a dialogue based on the different reactions to the French Revolution. Each group dialogue member must have a different character so that each group has all representatives of the Three Estates. Each group will then have at least 4 members.

Everyone who presents a group dialogue both written and a presentation in class will receive bonus points.

French Revolution Three Estates Role Play Worksheets

French Revolution Three Estates Role Play Powerpoint



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