Video-Napoleon Bonaparte


This Napoleon Not This Napoleon

When we return to school after the Thanksgiving break we will begin to study the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon came to power during post Terror France and dominated much of Europe.  From 1799-1815 most of Europe became embroiled in the Napoleonic Wars which were centered on the person of Napoleon Bonaparte. I preparation for the Napoleonic Era you can watch the video below. If you watch the video and type a one page review of the video you can receive 100 points. Make sure the paper is typed and in your OWN words. You can email me your paper to 

Also if you are planning on presenting a Salon group reenactment then make sure it is ready by the time class starts after Thanksgiving. Also remember  the optional projects (French Revolution/Napoleon Shirt or The French Revolution/Napoleon Movie Poster Projects are due December 10/11)

Many of you did not complete the Facebook project. You should take advantage of the time off to complete any missing work. You can still complete missing work for fewer points.



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