Catch Up


When we return to class after the Thanksgiving break we will begin to examine the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte. We will finish the semester by looking at Napoleon even though we have a short period of time to complete the unit. Even if we do not finish the unit in class you will be responsible all of the unit found in the textbook. So make sure you read ahead.


Many of you still have not completed all the work for this semester. If you turn in the Facebook project THIS week you can still receive 75% of the grade. Follow the links below for all the assignments included so far in this unit which include The Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Other late work if turned in by Tuesday morning can receive 90% credit; if received by Friday you will receive 75% credit. All work turned in next week will receive 50% credit. WARNING: Make sure you don’t copy or plagiarize. I always find out.

Reign of Terror Sources Worksheet

French Revolution Political Cartoons Constructed Response Questions

Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour Worksheet

Virtual Tour of the Palace of Versailles Website

Oliver Cromwell Character Worksheet (use the Powerpoint below)

Oliver Cromwell Powerpoint (for use with the worksheet)

Absolute Monarch Facebook Page



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