Opportunities for Points


This weekend you will have an opportunity to get some points as we near the end of the semester.

Saturday you can meet at Al Noor Indian Restaurant on George on Neal Rd at 1pm. Next semester we will study India as we look at imperialism. If you come and take part in the cultural experience you can receive 100 points.  This is an optional opportunity. Al Noor has a buffet and the weekend buffet costs about $13.


Al Noor location

Al Noor Website

Sunday. Since we have studied Napoleon and saw that he went to Egypt where his troops discovered the Rosetta Stone you will have an opportunity to visit the Egyptian section at the Louisiana Arts & Science Museum.


The first Sunday of each month from 1-4 the museum has free admission. If you visit the museum and take a selfie with the mummy (or in the Egyptian displays; depending on museum policy) Email or tweet the photo to me. (@Levhistory or Leverettscotandville@yahoo.com)

Louisiana Art & Science Museum Location

Louisiana Art & Science Museum Website



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