Midterm This Week


This week we will end the semester with the midterm. The midterm is worth 300 points and a completed study guide is worth 100 points. Tuesday is the last day to turn in any incomplete or missing work. All helpful links are below including powerpoints and the study guide.

Mid Term Study Guide Study Guide Part 1

Midterm Study Guide Part 2

Copernicus Copernicus

The links below are to the Powerpoints & textbook readings used throughout the semester. They are grouped together for easy access. Organized from most recent to older.

Legacy of the French Revolution & Napoleon Powerpoint

The Fall of Napoleon Powerpoint

Napoleon’s Empire Collapses Textbook Reading

The Congress of Vienna Textbook Reading

Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte Powerpoint

Napoleon Forges An Empire Textbook Reading

The French Revolution: The Republic & The Reign of Terror Powerpoint

The Revolution Brings Reform & Terror Textbook Reading

French Revolution Powerpoint Part 1

The French Revolution Begins Textbook Reading

The Enlightenment PowerPoint (The slides are in the 2nd half of the Powerpoint)

The Enlightenment Spreads Textbook Reading (includes reading on Enlightened Despots)

The Enlightenment PowerPoint

The Enlightenment in Europe  Textbook Reading

The Enlightenment Spreads Textbook Reading

Golden Age of Spain & Spanish Armada Powerpoint

Absolute Monarchy in France Powerpoint

Monarchy in England Powerpoint

Absolute Monarchs in Russia Powerpoint

Monarchy in Central Europe Powerpoint 

Monarchs in Europe Textbook Reading      

Galileo Powerpoint

Introduction to the Age of Exploration & Explorers Powerpoint

Spain Conquers an Empire & Columbian Exchange Powerpoint

Colonies, Mercantilism, &Trade Powerpoint

Slavery & The Middle Passage PowerPoint

Scientific Revolution &Scientific Method Powerpoint

Atlantic World: Exploration, Mercantilism, Slavery Textbook Reading

Exploration Textbook Reading

Scientific Revolution Textbook Reading

Introduction to the Renaissance Powerpoint

Powerpoint Italian Renaissance Part 2

 Northern Renaissance Power Point

Powerpoint on the Reformation & Martin Luther

Powerpoint-The Protestant Reformation continues

English Reformation Power Point

Catholic Counter Reformation Powerpoint

Italy Birthplace of the Renaissance Textbook Reading

Renaissance to Reformation Textbook Reading




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