New Unit: Nationalism & Imperialism

Democratic Reform in the British Empire


This week we begin a new unit looking at the spread of Nationalism & Imperialism worldwide. We will begin by looking at nationalistic movements in Europe and then we will look worldwide as the Europeans began imperialistic movements by establishing colonies in Africa and Asia. We will begin by examining the changes in Great Britain and the British empire as it became more democratic. We will examine Britain as it was dominated by wealthy landowners and then changed as the suffrage was spread to all men and eventually women.


The links for the day are found below

Democratic Reforms in Britain Powerpoint

Democratic Reforms in Britain Guided Notes

Reforms in Britain Guided Reading


Britain in the 19th Century

As we examine reforms in Britain we will also look at the video below. What is the difference between England, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom?

If time permits we may also watch the video below that helps give an introduction to the United Kingdom.


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