Celebrate the Victorian Age

Victoria Day


Queen Victoria was the Queen of the Great Britain and the British Empire from 1837-1901 and was the longest serving British monarch until recently surpassed by Queen Elizabeth II. Her reign dominated Great Britain and she came to symbolize Britain’s industrial might & growth, empire and military power. She was such an important figure that her entire long rule is identified as the Victorian Age or Era.

We will remember this important period of history by celebrating with a Victorian Day in class. We will celebrate two ways. You will first present a Victorian project in class. The points for the project will depend on the type of project you present see a list of possible projects that you can present during our Victorian Day.

Second we will have an English tea. An English tea usually includes hot tea or bunch with biscuits(cookies) but it is also a light meal. You can also receive at least 50 points by bringing food that you might see at a British tea. See the website for examples of desserts such as Victorian Sponge cake.


When? Friday February 12 6th period.

What to bring? Food for 50 points Victorian deserts, biscuits(cookies), finger sandwiches, research other British food such as Shepherd’s Pie. If you decide to bring Blue Store chicken we’ll eat the chicken but you won’t receive any points. It must be British and Victorian.

What are some projects? Scrapbooks, Drama/Skit, Fashion, Murder & crime, Biographical sketches, See the separate sheet of possible projects and points.

Dress: You can put together a Victorian fashion presentation but if you dress like a Victorian you can receive at least 25  bonus points.

Victorian Name: Pick a Victorian name. See the list of names on the website. Pick a name and explain your name and where you might come from in Britain for an additional 10 bonus points.

Introduction to Victorian Day Sheet

Possible Victorian Day Projects Sheet

Recipe for Victorian Sponge Cake

Victorian Names Sheet 


Tea and plum-cake on the lawn for three nicely dressed Victorian ladies Date: 1886


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