German Unification


Like Italy Germany was not a united nation state but divided into different states and kingdoms. German unity would not be achieved until after the Franco-Prussian war in 1871. The man largely responsible for German unity was Otto von Bismarck. Bismarck would practice a type of politics called realpolitik which which was a type of pragmatic or practical politics rather than idealistic. His goal of achieving German unity would use what was called “blood & iron” not through democratic reforms. Bismarck would build a powerful army and he was willing to use it to achieve a united Germany. He would use force when needed.


After reviewing the powerpoint below you will construct a timeline of the important events in German unification then picking and summarizing what you think are the most important events. The video and picture below is also helpful in understanding German unification.


Unification of Germany Powerpoint

Unification of Germany Guided Notes

Unification of Germany Timeline

The short video below is a good summary of German Unification.




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