Austria-Hungary and The Ottoman Empire


The Charge of the Light Brigade during The Crimean War

While nationalism led to the unification of Italy and Germany nationalism actually led to strife and disunity in the Austrian and Ottoman Empires. The Austrian empire resisted the changes of the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution so as to protect the status quo and protect the empire from the liberal ideas that were spring forth in Western Europe. But the empire was composed of a variety of ethnic and language groups that were gripped by nationalistic ideas. Eventually this led to the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary but this too left out other groups such as the Slavs. The unrest in the empire did not go away and festered until the outbreak of World War I.


The Austro-Hungarian Empire or Dual Monarchy

The Ottoman Empire was a vast multi-ethnic empire that was was centered in modern day Turkey but stretched to southwest Asia, north Africa and southeastern Europe. By the 1800s the Ottoman empire could no longer protect itself from nationalistic and independence movements as parts of the empire such as Greece and the Balkan peninsula fell away from the empire. Conflict between the Ottomans and Russia over Crimean led to  the brutal Crimean War. Later the Balkan Wars led to the loss of the Balkan peninsula into the hands of Austrian-Hungarians but this solved except to place a restless multi-ethnic people into an empire which it little in common.


The Ottoman Empire at it’s most powerful. 

Below you will find the links to the Powerpoint and guided notes. There will be no additional classwork so you can work on your Victorian Day Projects.

Austria-Hungary and The Ottoman Empire Powerpoint

Austria-Hungary and The Ottoman Empire Guided Notes


The Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary



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