Autocracy in Russia


Bloody Sunday September 22, 1905

As European countries developed their industrial power and reformed their political structures Russia resisted the impulses that caused other nations to reform. But at the beginning of the 1800s Russia was one of the most powerful countries in Europe and were instrumental in the defeat of Napoleon. But the rulers of Russia the Czars continued to rule in an autocratic manner. Over the the course of the 19th century Russia struggled between reforming their society, extreme traditionalism and radicalism. While other countries were developing a middle class in the 19th century Russia stayed fixed in an agricultural society in which serfs remained tied to the land.The powerpoint and worksheets on Russia are found inn the links below.

NicholasII cornation

Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra are crowned in 1896

Autocracy in Russia Powerpoint

Autocracy in Russia Guided Notes

Russia-Guided Reading, Definitions and Constructed Response Questions


Death in Snow by Russian artist Vladimir Makovsky


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