Imperialism: The Scramble for Africa


During the mid-1800s Africa was largely unknown and unexplored by Europeans but between 1880 and 1914 European nations competed among themselves to divide Africa up as colonial possessions. This is often called the Scramble for Africa as Europeans divided the continent up with no attention given to language or cultural differences. The impact of this division of Africa still impacts Africa today as the continent struggles with the legacy of imperialism.

You will examine the Power Pint fond below. Then you will read about the atrocities in the Congo and the actions of a little known African American hero who served as a missionary in the Congo. Finally you will examine a political cartoon and complete definitions relevant to imperialism in Africa.


Scramble for Africa Powerpoint

Scramble for Africa Guided Notes

William Shepherd Missionary & Explorer Reading

William Shepherd Missionary & Explorer Worksheet

Imperialism in Africa Definitions and Cartoon 

Scramble for Africa Textbook reading


Africa After the Scramble, 1914


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