Spain Conquers an Empire



Next we shall see that as Spain began to control their empire with the encomienda system. This was a system instituted by Spain whereby colonist were given land & natives slaves and in return the colonist was expected to teach the natives about Christianity. Yet the system was disastrous for the natives as many died from diseases and overwork. Then we will see the conquest of Mexico and Peru by the Spanish as they build one of the largest empires the world has seen.

We will use the Powerpoint found through the link below

Spain Conquers an Empire & Columbian Exchange Powerpoint

Spain Conquers an Empire Guided Notes

Two really good videos on the conquering of the Aztects


Finally we will examine the Columbian Exchange-The global transfer & exchange of plants, animals & diseases. Doing so we will look at the opportunity we will have next week to learn about the Columbian Exchange through the Columbian Exchange Lunch project in which you will bring food and explain how it fits in the Exchange. We will all enjoy and share our food together.

Columbian Exchange

Watch the Crash Course Video on the Columbian Exchange for a deeper understanding of the Columbian Exchange.

The Columbian Exchange Lunch Project

You will also complete a guided reading and crossword worksheet on the conquest of the Aztec Empire.

Guided Reading & Crossword worksheet

Lastly you will continue to work on  group projects worth 150 points.

Group Work- Work in Groups of 2-4. This will be worth 150 points if it is done well.

You will be given classroom time to complete the project but you will need to sped some time outside of class. (Bonus points will be awarded for excellence)

Pick a group activity from one of the list below.

  1. It is 1481 & King John II of Portugal has asked you to recruit explorers. Come up with a job description. What are the characteristics that would make a good explorer- personality, education, background, experience. Job descriptions should mention risks involved in the profession as well as compensation(salary, bonuses, & other benefits)

Create an advertisement to attract applicants. Ads should include artwork and main points from the job  description. You can also make a video featuring a commercial searching for explorers.

  1. It is the late 1400s & you and your group make up the admissions department of a navigation school. Create a set of posters, advertisements, & other materials to recruit students for the school. Your recruitment materials should provide information about the navigation school’s programs & how your school will prepare students for a maritime career. What training will the students receive in equipment & technology? How will they be prepared to face dangers & even conflict? You can also create a commercial advertising your school.


  1. Put together a skit. With one of your group members serving as a reporter show the encounter between a European explorer & Native Americans. Make sure you include details about the explorer, dates, and unusual occurrences during the journey, other stops, and things essential for the success of the journey. Other group members can serve as the explorer, crew members, & Native Americans. Show the impact of the exploration on both Europeans & natives. Make a video to share with the class. Complete an outline or summary of your skit.

You can find the instructions for the group work from the link below

Age of Exploration Group Work Instructions





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