Columbian Exchange New Schedule

Columbian ExchangeMAP

Due to Homecoming we were asked to reschedule the Columbian Exchange Project

The schedule for classes is as follows:

Tuesday, November 1 : 2A period

Wednesday, November 2: 2B period

Thursday, November 3: 3A period

Friday, November 4: 3B period

Monday, November 7: 4A

Wednesday, November 9: 5A

The Columbian Exchange-The global transfer & exchange of plants, animals &diseases. The lunch will allow us  to learn about the Columbian Exchange through the  ingredients in the food you bring.

You can prepare a dish to be shared in class. It can be an American dish or a dish from Asia, Africa or Europe. Bring enough to share.You will have an opportunity for 100 points. You must:

1.Bring a dish to share.

2. Label the dish & its ingredients.

3.On an index card explain how your dish fits in the Columbian Exchange.
Explain how the origins of the major ingredients on a map handout to be seen by the dish.

Columbian Exchange Lunch Map

4.Clean up after eating

Columbian Exchange Lunch project


Before Columbus, there were no tomatoes in Italian food!


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