Scientific Revolution Continued


We will continue to examine the Scientific Revolution as we look at other scientists & thinkers who impacted history through their investigation and discoveries. We look at the contributions of Brahe and Kepler in astronomy & mathematics and Vesalius and Harvey in medicine & anatomy. But we shall pay special attention to the contributions of Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton. Watch the video below in which the famous astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about the importance of Isaac Newton.

This will be a short powerpoint and you will then work on a worksheet with short answer questions as well as guided reading questions, critical thinking questions(answer in paragraph form) and a timeline. You will then have time to work on a Guided Reading Organizer. If you have time then complete any missing work.  Links are below:

Scientific Revolution Part 2 Powerpoint

Scientific Revolution Part 2 Guided Notes

Scientific Revolution Short Answer, Guided Reading, Critical Thinking & Timeline Worksheet

Scientific Revolution Textbook Reading

Causes -effects SR


Andreas Vesalius


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