Unit Test: Age of Exploration & Scientific Revolution


This Week: Unit Test

This week you will take a Unit Test on the Age of Discovery. The study guide can be found below. I still have a few copies in my room but I will not be printing any more copies so you must print it yourself or write it out on a separate paper when I run out. It is worth 100 points but is not required.You also have an opportunity to take an online practice test. Take it as many times as necessary. There is overlap between the practice test and the unit test.

Unit 2 Age of Discovery Study Guide


Unit 2 Powerpoints and reading are also available below for your study and review

Introduction to the Age of Exploration & Explorers Powerpoint

Spain Conquers an Empire & Columbian Exchange Powerpoint

Slavery & The Middle Passage PowerPoint

Scientific Revolution &Scientific Method Powerpoint

Atlantic World: Exploration, Mercantilism, Slavery Textbook Reading

Exploration Textbook Reading

Scientific Revolution Textbook Reading



You will also have an opportunity for a bonus question. Pick one of the following constructed response questions and write 3-4 paragraph Pick from one of the following

  1. Explain the Triangular Trade & the Middle Passage.
  2. What were the factors & technology that led to the Age of Exploration. Explain
  3. What was the Columbian Exchange. Explain its impact good & bad on Europe/Africa/Asia & on the Americas.
  4. Explain the development of slavery in the Americas. Explain how Africans became slaves, the conditions they faced, the ways they resisted slavery & the effects of slavery on Africa, Europe, and the Americas.
  5. Explain the Scientific Revolution along with the Scientific Method. Explain how specific scientists applied the scientific method and how it impacts us today.

Columbian ExchangeMAP


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