Absolute Monarchy in Russia


Normally we look at Absolute Monarchy in England before we discuss Russia but since we are behind we will look at Russia now and discuss England when we return after the holidays.

The story of absolute monarchy and Russia is the story of the struggle between traditional Russian culture and the advances of Western European culture. You will examine 3 rulers of Russia, Ivan IV(known as Ivan the Terrible), Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great.


You will be responsible for studying this section on your own. There may be classroom time available after you finish your Oliver Cromwell character worksheet in class. As you examine this section make sure you watch the videos below, read the textbook readings found in the links below and then lastly use the powerpoint as notes and a supplement.

Ivan the Terrible

Peter the Great


Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great and Catherine the Great

Absolute Rulers of Russia Textbook Reading

Catherine the Great Textbook Reading

Absolute Monarchs in Russia Powerpoint

Absolute Monarchs in Russia Guided Notes

After an examination of Russia you will look at King Louis XIV again by completing an 8 block worksheet.



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