Back to School: Monarchy in England & The English Civil War


Hope you all had a great break. This week we’ll continue looking at Monarchy in Europe by looking at England.


The story of monarchy in England is the story of the struggle between the monarch and Parliament the legislative body of England. In contrast to the monarchs of Spain & France the English monarchs were limited by Parliament. This culminated in the struggle between King Charles I and Parliament which resulted in the English Civil War. The Civil War ended with Parliamentary victory and a Commonwealth under Oliver Cromwell. The Commonwealth ended with the death of Cromwell and Charles II became king with the Restoration of the monarchy in England. Yet the power of Parliament remained supreme for when King James II began to assert his power he was overthrown in the Glorious Revolution & his daughter Mary &  William of Orange  become co-regents William & Mary. Thus begins England as a constitutional monarchy. A monarchy which is limited by law.


The Powerpoint is found in the link below as well as the worksheet which includes a timeline & crossword puzzle. If you finish early you can work on your Monarch Facebook profile.


English Civil War  (1642–1651)

Monarchy in England Powerpoint

Monarchy in England Guided Notes

Monarchy in England Crossword puzzle

English Civil War Timeline

Parliament Limits the English Monarchy Textbook Reading