Imperialism in China & Japan Emerges as a World Power


Europeans & Japan dividing China into spheres of influence

Monday and Tuesday we look at both the impact of imperialism on both China and Japan. China struggled to stay isolated from the European nations but found themselves dominated by Europe.


Opium War Movie Poster

Japan also remained isolated for centuries but that isolation ended when US president Millard Fillmore sent Commodore Matthew Perry on a trade mission to Japan. Perry convinced the Japanese to sign the Treaty of Kanagawa which opened up Japanese ports to trade. The Japanese found this deeply humiliating and led to the Japanese drive towards modernization. Japan modernized so quickly that they became an industrial & imperial power. See the links below for Powerpoints and Worksheets.

Perry in Japan.png

Commodore Perry in Japan: A Japanese perspective

Imperialism in China/Japan emerges as a World Power Powerpoint

Imperialism in China/Japan emerges as a World Power Guided Notes

China/Japan Constructed Response Questions

China Resists Outside Influence Textbook Reading

Japan Modernizes Textbook Reading

Imperialism in Southeast Asia Textbook reading


Japan during the Meiji Restoration


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