African American Hero: William Shepherd

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Today you will read about the atrocities in the Congo under King Leopold and the actions of a little known African American hero who served as a missionary in the Congo. William Shepherd was one of the missionaries who risked his life by telling the wider world about the human rights abuses and deaths in the Congo. Shepherd also became renowned as an explorer. While black History month has just passed William Shepherd is an African American hero worth remembering. Read about Shepherd and then answer the questions in complete sentences and paragraphs. The links for the classwork is found below. If you finish early then you can catch up on incomplete work.


William Shepherd-center

William Shepherd Missionary & Explorer Reading

William Shepherd Missionary & Explorer Worksheet

Imperialism in Africa Definitions and Cartoon  (Use as makeup work)

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Belgians working in the Congo cut off the hands of villagers who refused to harvest rubber or to show that they did not waste bullets. Reports by William Sheppard helped make the world aware of atrocities being committed against the native tribes.

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