Welcome Back


Welcome to World History. This year we will look at World History from the Renaissance to recent events. History will help with your critical thinking skills as well as provide you with knowledge that will aid you in your relationships with other cultures and world events.

First Day of class we will review our syllabus and classroom rules and expectations. Remember this website will help you know both what you are going to cover and what you missed. I will attempt to provide the daily classroom assignments and powerpoints.

Classroom Rules and Expectations Powerpoint

World History Syllabus

Download the syllabus, sign the

After we examine our rules and expectations we will look at sources and why they are so important to our study of history. We will use the Powerpoint below and then using a handout you will complete a worksheet on sources.

Primary & Secondary Sources Powerpoint

Primary & Secondary Sources Guided Notes

Defining Primary & Secondary Sources Reading

Comparing Primary and Secondary Sources Worksheet

Often we will use videos. The video below has an amusing take on the Middle Ages


Lastly You will put together a personal timeline. You will include the ten most important events in your life and then include the ten most important historical events that took place in your lifetime. You can complete the timeline on the worksheet provided for 40 points or complete your timeline on a mini poster with artwork and pics for 75 points.

  • Complete a personal timeline
  • Include the most important events in your life
  • Include historical events that coincide with your life
  • Include at least 10 events. 10 personal events and 10 historical events.
  • Complete on this paper for 40 points or complete on a mini-poster with pictures/artwork for 75 points

First Project Personal Timeline Worksheet

Image result for time machine Image result for time machine



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