The Counter Reformation 1530-1648

Trent                                                                                                   Council of Trent

The last major topic we will cover before our unit test is the Roman Catholic Counter-Reformation. The Counter-Reformation had two goals one to reform the church from within and second to stop the spread of Protestantism. The Counter-Reformation culminated in the Council of Trent. We will examine this two-pronged approach of the Roman Catholic Church as well as the individuals who worked to implement the work of the Council of Trent.

Catholic Counter Reformation Powerpoint

Counter Reformation Guided Notes

Image result for ignatius of loyola vision during his recovery from surgery

Ignatius of Loyola wounded in battle. During his recovery, he underwent a religious conversion that led to the founding of the religious order The Jesuits.

After an examination of the Counter Reformation, you will read about the printing press and why it had such a revolutionary impact on society. After reading answer the ten questions. We will also take the EADMS pretest.

How did the Printing Press Change History? Guided Reading

The Spanish Inquisition from History of the World by Mel Brooks