New Unit: Age of Discovery

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This week we begin a new unit-Age of Discovery (1450-1700). We will examine scientific discoveries, technological inventions, and visionaries who sparked an age of scientific innovations in Europe.  We examine the Europeans that engaged in exploration & conquest in Africa, Asia, and the Americas as well as the consequences of their exploration which led to colonization and slavery. We will examine the Middle Passage, the Triangular Trade, mercantilism and slavery throughout the Western Hemisphere. Finally, we will look at the Scientific Revolution & the scientists who changed the world.


We will watch the short video below to help us understand the importance of this era of history.

We will begin Unit One by examining the reasons & motivations for exploration and begin to look at the first explorers. Because the Portugal was the first nation to begin exploration we will examine them first. The powerpoint can be found below.

Introduction to the Age of Exploration & Explorers Powerpoint

Introduction to the Age of Exploration Guided Notes

Age of Discovery Explorers Routes Map & Definitions


The map below can be used to help you with your map

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