Triangular Trade, Middle Passage and Slavery

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Soon after the establishment of colonies in the Western Hemisphere the slave trade began. We shall examine the slave trade, The Triangular Trade, and the Middle Passage. Upon completion & discussion of the slave trade, you will complete the readings and answer the constructed response questions. Make sure you answer the constructed response questions in complete sentences.  You can also use the readings found in the links below.

Slavery & The Middle Passage PowerPoint

Slavery & The Middle Passage Guided Notes

Columbian Exchange & Slavery Constructive Response Questions. (Answer in complete sentences)

Triangular Trade and Middle Passage Maps (You can use the maps on the PowerPoint or on this page

Atlantic Slave Trade Reading from Whitney Plantation Website

Atlantic Slave Trade Reading


We will view a clip of the Middle Passage from the movie Amistad. The clip can be seen below.




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