Colonies, Mercantilism, & Trade


Last week we looked at the European colonization and the impact it had on the Native American population. Then we examined the slavery and the triangular trade as well as the terrible impact of slavery.


Next, we will examine the changes that Exploration & colonization brought to the areas of trade and the economy. During the 1500s Europeans developed a new type of economic policy called mercantilism. Mercantilism believed that a nation’s strength depended on its wealth. Wealth was measured by the amount of gold & silver that a nation possessed and since Europeans believed that there was a fixed amount of wealth in the world then they thought that for a nation to become more powerful than it had to take wealth & power away from other nations. Mercantilism then led to competition & intense international rivalry.  The link to the Powerpoint is just below. Afterwards, you will read about the Triangular Trade and complete the worksheet.

Colonies, Mercantilism, &Trade Powerpoint

Colonies, Mercantilism, & Trade Guided Notes

The Triangular Trade Guided Reading Worksheet



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