Get ready for a Test and Catch Up!

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Before Thanksgiving break, we will take a test on the absolute Monarchs. Most of the test will be online. You will also have an opportunity to catch up since senior photos have caused many of you to miss classroom time.

Use this for an Absolute Monarchs textbook link for study

Before taking the test we will look at an atrocity that took place during the Thirty Years War. There will be at least two questions from this Powerpoint.

Sack of Magdeburg Powerpoint

Sack of Magdeburg Guided Notes

Image result for sack of Magdeburg

Below are all the assignments you have had this grading period.

Spanish Armada Crossword

Spanish Armada Primary and Secondary Sources and Worksheet

8 block questions & Crossword

Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour Worksheet

For the above Virtual Tour Worksheet use Virtual Tour of the Palace of Versailles  Website   (Stockholm 360)

Reading Comprehension Worksheet

English Civil War Timeline

Monarchy in England & Oliver Cromwell character worksheet

Parliament limits the English Monarchy Textbook Reading(use this reading for the Oliver Cromwell character worksheet)

Since we have been looking at European monarchs we have encountered Roman numerals. If you aren’t used to Roman numerals then they can be confusing. Use the link below to help understand how to understand Roman numerals.

WikiHow: How to Understand Roman Numerals

How did the Super Bowl start using Roman Numerals


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