New Unit: Industrial Revolution

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With the start of a new semester, we will also begin a new unit. We will investigate the Revolutionary changes wrought by the Industrial Revolution. This will include the changes brought by inventions and advances in technology but also the new ideas that emerged as a result of industrialization & urbanization. But first, we will look at the Agricultural revolution in Great Britain and how that led to the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. From there will examine the growth of industry in the textile industry which was advanced by inventions such as the steam engine. We will look at both inventions & the inventors.

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Today we will watch the old mostly silent Charlie Chaplin movie, Modern Times. Charlie Chaplain’s Modern Times shows the struggle to survive in the modern, industrialized world. Although much of the movie is silent it is still a funny movie that has serious themes. The movie, Modern Times deals with many of the problems industrial society struggles with as well as contemporary society. Problems such as urbanization, unemployment, communism, drug use, and poverty all get a mention in this movie. For more on Chaplin and the movie check out the website dedicated to Chaplin.

Watch the movie and answer the questions on the worksheet link found below.

Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times Constructed Response Questions

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