World War One: American Heroes

Image result for world war one American heroes Statue of Harem Hellfighter Henry Johnson

Today we will finish World War I with an examination of two American heroes(along with a short look at Harlem Hellfighter, Henry Johnson). Sargeant Alvin York and Eugene Bullard. Alvin York was from the mountains of East Tennessee and he single-handedly captured an entire battalion. He killed at least 25 enemy German soldiers while capturing 132. In 1941 a Hollywood movie hit theaters portraying York’s act of heroism.

York.jpgThis battle scene was painted in 1919 by artist Frank Schoonover. The scene depicts the bravery of Alvin C. York in 1918.


After watchin a video about Alvin York we will watch a video about Eugene Bullard, read a short biography, and then answer constructed response questions. Eugene was known as the black swallow and he was the world’s first black combat pilot. Before the Tuskegee Airmen, there was Eugene Bullard.



Eugene Bullard Constructive Response Questions

The Two Lives of Eugene Bullard article from PBS American Experience

The Two Lives of Eugene Bullard article to print

WWI & Russian Revolution Study Guide

WWI American Heroes Powerpoint

World War I- The Great War Textbook reading

WW1 Glossary

BBC Schools World War I Glossary

World War One Glossary from Alpha History

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You can use the textbook link above, the glossaries or the powerpoints below to complete the Study Guide

Beginnings & Causes of World War 1 Powerpoint

World War One-A New Kind of War Powerpoint

Black and Asian Troops during World War One Powerpoint

End of WWI and the Peace Treaty Powerpoint

Russian Revolution Powerpoint


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