The English Reformation


England was slow to join the Reformation but when the Pope refused to grant King Henry VIII a divorce (or more accurately an annulment) Henry withdrew England from the Roman Catholic Church.

Image result for henry viii family portrait

This week we will study the English Reformation & the Catholic Counter-Reformation and we will complete our study of the Renaissance & the Reformation with a unit test after the Labor Day break. (Note: B Day classes are a day behind due to school closure on Wednesday. B Day classes will cover the previous lesson)

Reading- The English Reformation BBC History

English Reformation Power Point

English Reformation Guided Notes

The video below is a clip from the BBC show Horrible Histories. A character is portraying Henry VIII as he sings about his wives. You will be given a bonus on your Unit Exam in which you list Henry’s wives and their fates. This song will help you remember Henry & His wives.

A Day classes will complete the Reformation Woodcuts

Reformation Woodcuts Worksheet


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