Spain Conquers an Empire

conquistadorImage result for conquistador

Next, we shall see that as Spain began to control their empire with the encomienda system. This was a system instituted by Spain whereby colonists were given land & natives slaves and in return, the colonist was expected to teach the natives about Christianity. Yet the system was disastrous for the natives as many died from diseases and overwork. Then we will see the conquest of Mexico and Peru by the Spanish as they build one of the largest empires the world has seen.

We will use the Powerpoint found through the link below

Spain Conquers an Empire & Columbian Exchange Powerpoint

Spain Conquers an Empire Guided Notes

Spain Conquers Guided Reading Worksheet

Two really good videos on the conquering of the Aztecs

Columbian Exchange

Watch the Crash Course Video on the Columbian Exchange for a deeper understanding of the Columbian Exchange.



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