The Scientific Revolution


We will conclude the unit on the Age of Discovery with an examination of the Scientific Revolution. We will see that the same curiosity that was one of the motives for exploration also was one of the driving forces behind the Scientific Revolution. We will take notes from the Scientific Revolution &Scientific Method Powerpoint.

Scientific Revolution Guided Notes

Scientific Revolution &Scientific Method Powerpoint.


We will examine the Geocentric and Heliocentric theories of the Solar System and Nicolaus Copernicus’ rejection of the geocentric in favor of the heliocentric view of the solar system. We will also look at the Scientific Method and the changes it brought to investigation & discovery

While taking notes from the powerpoint we will also examine the video below

After taking notes you will read more about the Scientific Revolution & further about Galileo and answer questions that go with the reading

Galileo Guided Reading Worksheet

Cheezburger cheezburger disappoint copernicus GIF


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