Spain, England, & The Spanish Armada

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This week we will continue to examine Spain. We will see the beginning of the decline of Spain when the Spanish met their defeat when the English defeat their Spanish Armada.

Philip_IIPhillip II of Spain

Phillip II was a member of the Hapsburg family & King of the Spanish Empire. Phillip ruled a huge empire in the Americas as well as territories in Europe. The Hapsburg rule of Charles V and his son Phillip II is also considered the Golden Age of Spain as it coincided with a flowering of Spanish art, architecture, and literature. Spain was the superpower of her time as she grew wealthy through the gold & silver imports in her American colonies. Artists such as El Greco & Diego Velaquez and writers like Miguel de Cervantes were among the most influential artists during Spain’s Golden Age. We examined these painters  last class period. Philip sought to increase his power by wedding Mary Queen of England but the marriage ended when Mary died.

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Lastly, we will examine the attempt of Spain to defeat and invade England with their invincible Armada. The defeat of the Spanish Armada led to the decline of the Spanish empire and the growth of England as a world power.Armada Spanish Armada  


Spain, England, and the Spanish Armada Powerpoint

Spain, England, and the Spanish Armada Guided Notes

Lastly you will complete a Data Based Question Worksheet on the Spanish Armada.

  • Read the primary sources & secondary sources.
  • Answer the Understanding questions
  • Analyze: write one or two sentences explaining the reasons for the defeat of the Armada
  • Prioritize the reasons for the Spanish defeat in order and explain the reasons for their importance
  • Write 3 paragraphs on why the Spanish Armada failed. Use your answers on the worksheet to help you complete your paragraphs. Make sure you refer to the primary & secondary sources. You can complete your paragraphs on the back of the crossword paper.
  • The Worksheet is on Google Classroom. Complete your work there and submit it in Google Classroom.
  • Spanish Armada Primary and Secondary Sources and Worksheet

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