Monarchy in Russia and Central Europe


Next, we will look at absolute Monarchy in Russia and Central Europe. First, we will examine Russia and then a quick overview of Central Europe including the Holy Roman Empire, The Thirty Years War, Austria, Prussia, and The Seven Years War.

This month we are transitioning to Google Classroom and most of the assignments will be  completed and turned in there. (see me if you have not enrolled in the google classroom for this class) I will still put work here on the website for home-bound students. This week you will go through the PowerPoint and classwork on google classroom.

Russia and Central Europe Powerpoint

Russia and Central Europe Guided Notes


The story of absolute monarchy and Russia is the story of the struggle between traditional Russian culture and the advances of Western European culture. You will examine 3 rulers of Russia, Ivan IV(known as Ivan the Terrible), Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great.


Ivan the Terrible

Peter the Great

Catherine the Great


Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great and Catherine the Great

Absolute Rulers of Russia Textbook Reading

Catherine the Great Textbook Reading


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