Make a Newspaper on the French Revolution or Napoleon


The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars are among the most important events in all of history. As we get ready for a Unit Exam you will write a newspaper about an event in the French Revolution or Napoleon. You can either write about a broad topic or a very specific topic. Use your imagination.

  • Use the Template worksheet or Make one of your own
  • Write articles based on the topics we covered
  • Include details
  • Write in your own words(do not copy)
  • Use artwork
  • Extra Points for creativity and imagination


You can cover:

  • French Revolution
  • Reign of Terror
  • Napoleon
  • Congress of Vienna


Powerpoint with Bellringer and instructions for newspaper

French Revolution Newspaper Template

Napoleon Newspaper Template





The Reign of Terror-Primary Sources


The period following Louis’s execution became known as ‘The
Terror’ in France. In the years 1793 — 1794, thousands of
people suspected of anti-revolutionary activities or of helping
France’s enemies were sent to the guillotine. We need to look at
the situation in France to understand why the reign of terror
began. In January 1793, Louis was executed. In February, it
was clear that the war was still going badly for France. And in
March, there was a peasant revolt in Vendee, in the northwest.
In August, the Jacobins declared that ‘Terror is the order
of the day’. By the late summer, many areas of France were
rebelling against the new radical Jacobin government. Because
of these threats to the stability of France, the Convention took
emergency measures. It set up a Committee of Public Safety
(source 1), which had twelve members. Measures
such as setting up the Committee for Public Safety,
were aimed at allowing the revolution to survive
during a crisis. A fear of traitors had grown in
France following revolution and war, and this led to another
measure, revolutionary tribunals.The law was changed to try folk
quickly. You will examine several sources and answer constructed response questions using the sources. make sure you use the sources in your answers.

1-sansCoulletes Sans-culottes

You will examine the Reign of Terror using primary & secondary sources. Make sure you answer completely using complete sentences.

Reign of Terror Sources Worksheet

French Revolution: Three Estates Role Play


At the end of the week you will have an opportunity to examine the French Revolution through the viewpoint of a person in the class you were assigned earlier in the week. First Estate: clergy, Second Estate: Nobility, Third Estate: bourgeoisie(middle class) and Third Estate: peasants.

Each person will have a sheet unique to their Estate. You will have 2 scenarios presented and you will write at least a paragraph on how your character would respond to the event in the French Revolution.


After you complete your reaction paragraphs then you can join with others in class to complete a dialogue based on the different reactions to the French Revolution. Each group dialogue member must have a different character so that each group has all representatives of the Three Estates. Each group will then have at least 4 members.

Everyone who presents a group dialogue both written and a presentation in class will receive bonus points.

French Revolution Three Estates Role Play Worksheets

French Revolution Three Estates Role Play Powerpoint


The French Revolution: The Republic & The Reign of Terror



Last period we saw the causes of the The French Revolution which led to the beginnings of the Revolution with the storming of the Bastille. We will continue to examine the events of the Revolution as it led to the Republic, the execution of King Louis XVI and finally the Reign of Terror as the Committee on Public Safety led by Danton & Robespierre began to send to the guillotine those perceived to be the enemies of the Revolution.


The French Revolution: The Republic & The Reign of Terror Powerpoint


The Revolution Brings Reform & Terror Textbook Reading (you need to make sure that you do more than just review the powerpoints. Make sure you complete the textbook readings in order to gain a deeper understanding.)

After discussing the Revolution & The Reign of Terror you will examine the Reign of Terror using primary & secondary sources. Make sure you answer completely using complete sentences.

Reign of Terror Sources Worksheet