How to Study


Most of my students do not seriously study but rather cram the night before a test or just do nothing and hope for the best. But if you plan ahead and make a study for a test ahead of time I believe you will find that your test grades will dramatically increase. This will become increasingly important once you get to college and you find that the tests have far more weight. The following tips and links should help you prepare for your tests.

  • Read the textbook ahead of time. Break it up in small  readable chunks taking notes of important parts.
  • Study and review daily in short periods of time. 15-30 minutes at a time.
  • Quizzing yourself using notecards, quizlet or Studystack.
  • Form a serious study group.
  • Use memory devices like rap, songs, story telling, alliteration or rhymes
  • Take frequent breaks during long study times.
  • Don’t listen to music or watch TV while studying. Use short focused time with no distractions.
  • Write out the basic points
  • Study in different parts of your house or library

How to read a book from University of Michigan School of Information

See the link 22 Science based tips to ace a test

The following 2 videos will help you in study and reading


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