US History


Four years ago I taught US history. I’ve included the links to past powerpoints and worksheets for any who might find them useful.

US History Website:

Online US History Textbook

US History Power Points and Assignments 

US History Assignments

Introduction: 13 Colonies  US History Timeline:1492-1877  Civil War & Reconstruction

Intro TimeLine

Unit-Westward Expansion: 5.1aWestwardExpansion   5.1bWestwardExpansion  5.1CattleIndustry   5.2FarmersMoveWest 5.3aFarmersProtest 5.3bPopulists 6.2Railroads

Unit-Westward Expansion: 5.1EOCPractice   5.1LittleBigHornNewspaper  5.1Buffalo 5.1bBuffalo 5.1LittleBighorn Crossword 5.3Farmers move West worksheet



Unit-Industrialism & Progressivism

6.1INDUSTRY 6.6.3 BigBusiness 6.3 Labor movement  6.3Labor Violence 7.1Immigration   7.2Urbanization 7.3Politics  

7.1-2 Immigration and Urbanization Review

6.1Industry&Inventions Chart 6.3Big Buisness CrosswordPuzzle & Political Cartoon

6.3 Definitions &Political Cartoon 7.1-2 Crossword puzzle&Questions                                    7.1-2 Immigration&Urbanization Charts


United States in World Affairs/Imperialism & World War 1 (1890–1920)                      

 10.1-2 US Imperialism 

10.2Spanish American War 

10.3-4 Acquiring New Lands 

11.1-2 World War 1 Causes & US entry 

11.2 US enters World War 1

11.3-4 The War at Home & Wilson fights for Peace (2 sections in 1 Power Point. Covers more than guided notes sheet)

11.4b WWI Map and definitions


notes & assingments

10.2 Spanish American War Guided Notes

10.3-4 Acquiring New Lands Guided Notes

10.3 Acquiring New lands Guided Notes (optional)

US Expands Worksheet

11.1WorldWar1-Causes and first years guided notes

11.2 World war 1 The US enters the war guided notes (complete definitions)

11.3aThe War at Home part 1guided notes

11.3bThe War at Home part 2 guided notes

11.4 Wilson fights for peace guided notes

Make a patriotic WW1 poster

WW1 Causes Guided Reading

World War One Puzzle- Find the Secret Phrase

World War 1 Crossword

World War I map

11.1-4 World War 1 definitions

Practice Test

USHistoryMid Term study guide

US Events

 2nd Semester

Unit 5 Roaring 20s-Unit 5 assignments

12.1 Politics during the roaring 20s guided notes

12.1 Definitions & questions

12.2WarrenG Harding Guided Notes

12.1-2 Graphic organizier & Definitions from 12.2

12.3president Coolidge&Business GuidedNotes




13.1Constructed Response Questions

13.3 Education & Popular Life Guided Notes

13.4Harlem Renaissance Guided Reading

13.4 Harlem Renaissance Guided Notes

Unit 5 Power Points

12.1-3Politics during the Roaring 20s Powerpoint(covers 3 guided notes from chapter 21)

13.1-2ChangingWaysofLife-20sWoman PowerPoint

13.3Education&Culture of the 20sPowerPoint

13.4 Harlem Renaissance

Unit 6 The Great Depression & New Deal

Unit 6 Assignments

14.1 The Great Depression Definitions

14.1 Guided Notes

14.2 Guided Notes

14.2The Dust Bowl Guided reading

14.3 Guided Notes

14.3 political Cartoons

15.1New Deal guided Notes

15.2 New Deal 2nd 100 Days  Guided Notes

15.1-4 definitions-Political cartoons

15.1-4 MigrantMother Photos-Political cartoons

14-15 GreatDepression Study Guide

Unit 6 PowerPoints

14.1-3 The Great Depression

15.1-3 The New Deal

15.3-5 New Deal Impact on Groups, Impact of New Deal Today

Unit 7 World War II

Unit 7 World War II Power Points

16.1-2 World War 2-War looms and War in Europe

16.3- WW2 Holocaust

16.4 WW2America moves toward War-Pearl Harbor

17.1America Mobilizes for War

17.2 WW2-North Africa & Europe

17.3-4 WW2 Pacific & the Home Front

17.4 Japanese Internment Camps in the US

Unit7 World war 2 Assingments

16.1Definitions & Word Search

16.1 Beginnings of WWII guided Reading

16.1 Political cartoons

16.1 War looms guided notes  

16.2 War in Europe Guided Notes

16.2 Beginning of WW2 to Battle of Britain Timeline

16.3 Holocaust Guided Reading

16-17 Historical person research


17.1 Mobilizing for War Guided Notes

17.1 Mobilizing for War Definitions and Crossword

17.2 War in Europe & North Africa Guided Notes

17.2-4 Definitions & Map

17.4 Home Front during WWII Guided Notes

17.3 War in the Pacific Guided Notes

17.4 Japanese Internment Camps in the US Guided Notes

Japanese Internment Camps Guided Reading

Secrets of WWII Constructed Response Questions

Secrets of World War II Video

Unit 8 Cold War

Unit 8 Power Points

18.1 Origins of the Cold War

18.2-3 Cold War Cold War Heat Up & Cold War at Home

18.4  Cold War in the 50s


Unit 8 Cold War Assignments

18.1Origins of the Cold War Guided Notes

18.2 Cold War Heats up guided notes

18.3 Cold War at Home guided notes

18.4 Cold War in the 1950sguided notes

18.1 Origins of the Cold War crossword puzzle

18.2 Cold War Definitions


EOC Practice Questions (for use with the Red EOC practice book)

EOC practice-Western Expansion

EOC practice-Industrialization

EOC practice WWI

EOC Practice WWII & Cold War

EOC Practice Test 2014


Organize your Constructed Response Questions