Supplemental Readings


Below you will find links to other sites that can supplement the readings found in your textbook. These can be used in class or at home when you don’t have a textbook handy. Links to these sites does not imply an endorsement of everything found on the sites.

General Helps

BBC-Historic Figures

Alpha History: Online Textbook from the American Revolution to late 20th Century

Macrohistory: Online Textbook spanning all of World History

US Department of State: Office of the Historian

Totally History– Online text. Has more US history than World but has very helpful sections on Art history & military leaders.

International World History Project– World History Essays, Maps & Music from the Pre-Sumerian Period to the Present

Student’s Friend: Online Narrative of World History & Geography

Duckster’s: History This is primarily a middle school site but it still has much useful information and often does a good job presenting a good framework for history


World History Glossary This glossary has any terms and people in our lessons.

World History Glossary 2 A shorter glossary which has some of the terms and people we study in class

Dictionary of World Biography– by B Jones an online biographical glossary published by the Australian National University

Unit 1: Renaissance & Reformation

Italian Analysis of Italian Renaissance Art

History Channel-Italian Renaissance

History Channel-Leonardo da Vinci

History Channel-Renaissance Art

Metropolitian Museum of Art: European Art in the Renaissance-Artists

History of Painting

The Renaissance Connection is an interactive website presented by the Allentown Art Museum’s Samuel H. Kress Collection of European art.

Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum and searchable database of Art

Wiki Art– can find art by movement, country, years or name

Italian Renaissance Art

Albrecht Durer (1471-1528)


Macrohistory:The Protestant Reformation

History Channel- The Reformation

History Channel- Martin Luther & the 95 Theses

Infoplease:Counter Reformation

History Channel-Henry VIII

Academic-Renaissance & Reformation 1500-1620: A Biographical Dictionary

Martin Luther: Reluctant Revolutionary

Unit 2 Age of Discovery

Atlantic World: Exploration, Mercantilism, Slavery Textbook Reading

Exploration Textbook Reading

Scientific Revolution Textbook Reading

Macrohistory: Rising Power of Portugal & Spain

Scientific Revolution Textbook Reading

Macrohistory: Portugese ahead of other Europeans in Africa & Asia

Atlantic Slave Trade Reading from Whitney Plantation Website

Atlantic Slave Trade Reading

Age of Exploration Reading(with Mercantilism &Slavery)

History Channel- Christopher Columbus

History Channel-Amerigo Vespucci

Macrohistory-Spain Expands

Abolition Project: Slavery

Digital History: Slavery

Macrohistory: African Empires, Slavery & Europeans

Triangular Trade Interactive Map

Macrohistory-Scientific Revolution

BBC History-Copernicus

BBC History-Galileo

Unit 3: Monarchs of Europe

Absolute Monarchy in Europe 1500-1800 Textbook

Absolute Monarchs-Spain Textbook

Absolute Monarchs-France-Textbook

Absolute Monarchs-Central Europe-Textbook

Absolute Monarchy & England-Textbook

Spartacus Educational-Phillip II of Spain

BBC-The Tudors

BBC -The Spanish Armada

Macrohistory-Stagnation & Decline in Spain

History Channel-Spanish Armada

History World: 16th Century France

 Versailles: Louis XIV

History World- Louis XIV 

Louis XIV & Versailles

BBC History- Oliver Cromwell Timeline

History Channel: Oliver Cromwell

History Channel: English Civil Wars

Macrohistory: England; James I to Glorious Revolution

Macrohistory-Russia; Ivan the Terrible to Peter the Great

BBC History: Catherine the Great

 Macrohistory: The Enlightenment

Macrohistory: Fredrick, Maria, & Catherine; Enlightened Despots

Unit 4: Political Revolutions

Alpha History: French Revolution

History Channel: French Revolution

Macrohistory: The French Revolution

BBC History- Maximilian Robespierre

 BBC History-Napoleon

History Channel-Napoleon Bonaparte

BBC-Wellington & the Battle of Waterloo

Macrohistory: Congress of Vienna

Macrohistory Latin American Revolutions

Unit 5: Industrial Revolution

Macrohistory: Britain & the Industrial Revolution


The Industrial Revolution

BBC: Industrial Revolution

Unit 6 Nationalism & Imperialism

Macrohistory: Nationalism & Empire in Europe

Macrohistory: Russia 1856-1900

Macrohistory: Crimean War

Opium War

First Opium War

Macrohistory-British In Asia

East India Company

British India

BBC-British Presence in India in the 18th Century

BBC-Victorian Britain

About-What caused the Scramble for Africa?

The Meiji Restoration and Modernization

Macrohistory: Turn of the Century(20th) Imperialism

Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death

Unit 7 World War I & Russian Revolution

BBC- World War One

History Channel- WWI

Macrohistory: Towards WW1

Macrohistory: Europe’s Slide to War

Macrohistory: WW1 to 1916

Macrohistory: US Declares War

Macrohistory: Western & Italian Fronts

Macrohistory: 1918 Western Front

Macrohistory; Treaty of Versailles

History Channel: Battle of the Somme

History Channel: Treaty of Versailles

Macrohistory: Russian Revolution Begins

Macrohistory: Russian Revolution; Power to the Soviets

Alpha History: World War I

Alpha History: Russian Revolution

Unit 8 World War II

Macrohistory: Britain, Ireland & India

Macrohistory: Fascism & Mussolini in Italy 

 Alpha History: The Weimar Republic

Macrohistory: Hitler & The Weimar Republic

Macrohistory: Hitler & Germany 1928-1935

Macrohistory: Lenin & the Rise of Stalin

Macrohistory: China & Revolution to 1927

Macrohistory: Japan to 1927

Macrohistory: Japan & Emperor Hirohito to 1936

Macrohistory: Japan & China 1929 to 1936

Macrohistory: Japan & China 1937 to 1938

Macrohistory: Soviet Union & Purges to 1934

Macrohistory: Spanish Civil War

Alpha History: Nazi Germany

Alpha History: The Holocaust

History Channel: The Holocaust

Macrohistory: Crisis & War in Europe 1936-1940

Macrohistory: Japan, Pearl Harbor & Southeast Asia

Macrohistory: War in Europe 1941-1945

History Channel: WWII History

History Channel: Pearl Harbor

History Channel: Battle of Midway

History Channel: D-Day

War Against Japan 1942-1945

Unit 9: The Cold War

Alpha History: The Cold War

BBC History: The Korean War

Department of State: Marshall Plan

Department of State: Berlin Airlift

Macrohistory: Post World War (see specific headings for relevant readings)

Alpha History: Vietnam War

History Channel: Vietnam War

Unit 10: The Modern World

Department of State: Decolonization of Asia and Africa, 1945–1960

History Channel: Mohandas Gandhi

BBC History: India-British Raj and Indian Independence

Department of State: Creation of Israel 1948

PBS: History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Perspectives

Department of State: Evolution of NATO

Department of State: End of Apartheid

Department of State: Somalia 1992-1993

Macrohistory: Balkan Wars-Yugoslavia Disintegrates

History Channel: Ethnic Cleansing

History Channel: 9/11 Attacks






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