Summer Reading


Your history summer assignment is to read A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage.


This 240-page book is available in — major bookstore, online booksellers, for the Kindle, IPad, and the Nook. I have also provided links below to free .pdf files and an audio book, though both formats are cumbersome.

This assignment will give you an overview of the time periods, regions, and cultural customs within much of world history.

For the Assignment sheet click here.

Disclaimer: The use of this book as a summer reading assignment in no way represents any endorsement by Scotlandville Magnet High School or of Mr. Leverett of the use or misuse of any of these beverages, alcoholic, caffeinated, or otherwise. The book merely offers an innovative and interesting perspective to initiate our year-long discussion of world history. See below for optional assingments if needed.
PDF Files

If you choose to read as .pdf files, you can use the iAnnotate application to comment and mark up, just as you could an ebook or real book.

MP3 File– Click this link for an audio file of the book. 

Video Files

Video files along with notes are available for review. Credit goes to David Duez, AP World History teacher in Kingwood, Texas, for creating entertaining screencasts for each drink (Notes, too). Very helpful.

Optional Titles

Even though we have chosen this title purposefully, there are other alternatives available. Here are two alternatives and appropriate assignments for each

Podcasts on An Edible History of Humanity


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    • I’m doing fine.
      Yes you still have to do the summer reading and complete the assignment. Check the link. You will also have a 30 question test on the reading when school starts.


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