Old Power Points, Guided Notes and Assignments


ImportantCurrent Powerpoints and worksheets are found on the Home page in the corresponding posts. New posts are put up on a regular basis. 

Many of the powerpoints found here are not up to date but are from previous school years. I do not presently use guided notes so the guided notes found here do not completely match the powerpoints.

Organize your constructed response

Introduction/Prologue PowerPoints:

0.1Primary & Secondary Sources

0.1 Rules, Procedures, Grading, & Bonus

).2 Ancient History:Early Civilizations

0.2b Ancient History-Hebrews-Greeks

).3 Ancient History-Middle Ages


Introduction/Prologue Assignments

0.1 WorldMap

0.1 Primary & Secondary Sources Reading

0.1 Comparing Primary & Secondary Sources Worksheet

0.1Personal/Historical Timeline

),2 Ancient History:Early Civilizations-Greeks Guided Notes

).3 Rome-Middle Ages Buided Notes

).2 Early Civilizations-Greeks Crossword

Unit 1 Renaissance & Reformation  PowerPoints:

Introduction to the Renaissance Powerpoint

Powerpoint Italian Renaissance Part 2

 Northern Renaissance Power Point

Powerpoint on the Reformation & Martin Luther

Powerpoint-The Protestant Reformation continues

English Reformation Power Point

Catholic Counter Reformation Powerpoint


1.4 CounterReformation




Unit 1 Assignments

 1.1a Italian Renaissance Guided Notes

1.1bItalian Renaisssace Part 2 Guided Notes

1.2Northern Renaissance Guided Notes

1.3a Introduction to the Reformation Guided Notes

1.1 Constructive Response Questions using comic & Renaissance reading

1.1Important Personalities of the Renaissance Organizier

1.1bMachaivelli Primary Source Readings

 1.3Primary Source: Martin Luther’s 95 Theses

1.3-95 Theses Constructed Response Questions and Protest

1.3 Primary Source-John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion

1.3-4 Reformation & Counter Reformation Crossword

Unit 1 Project

Renaissance-Reformation Project(work in pairs, choose 1 project only) Project due 9/15 or 9/16

Art assesment sheets

Renaissance-Reformation Research Questions(39 questions)

Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms

Renaissance & Reformation Videos

Renaissance Crash course Video

Martin Luther Heretic

Martin Luther: Reluctant Revolutionary

Unit 2 Age of Exploration


2.1 Reasons for Exploration 

2.1b Explorers 

2.2 Spain Conquers

2.3a Columbian Exchange


 2.4 slavery  

 2.4bSlavery-Primary documents 


2.5Scientific Revolution



Unit 3 Monarchs & Revolutions

3.1Empire of Spain Part1

3.1Spanish Armada

3.1 Spain’s Golden Age of Art

3.2Absolute Monarchy & France

3.3MonarchyIN England

3.3Monarchy in England(abbreviated)

3.4aMonarchy in Russia

3.4bMonarchy in Central Europe-Austria & Prussia

3.4cSack of Mardeburg

Unit 3 Online  Practice Test

Unit3aStudy Guide part1



Martin Luther  

Henry 8 & his wives song

Mary Tudor Song

Galieo’s Battle for the Heavens 

Aztecs vs Spanish

Pilgrim Rap

PhillipII & Mary a Love Story

BBC Spanish Armada

Louis XIV of France The Rise & Fall of Versailles


Cromwell movie Part 1  Cromwell movie part 2

Oliver Cromwell The King Killer

Unit 2 Assingments

2.1Constructed Response Questions 

European Explorers Map & Definitions 

Spain Conquesrs-Guided Reading & Crossword 

Columbian Exchange & Mercantilism Worksheet 

Columbian Exchange Food Project 

2.2 Spain Conquers Guided Reading

Middle Passage Primary DocumentsAnswerSheet  (2 middle passage documents along with life as a slave make up 1 complete assingmentt)

 Middle Passage Primary Document only

 Life as a Slave PrimaryDocument &Answer Sheet 

2.5Scientific Revolution Personalities Chart 

2.5Roots of Modern Science/Bacon&Descartes Compare&Contrast 

2.5Scientists-Fill in the Blanks &Galileo Guided reading 

2.5Scientific Revolution Guided Notes

2.5bGalileo Guided Notes

Unit 2 Study Guide

Unit 3 Assingments

3.1Make a quiz or a rap

3.1Spanish Armada

3.2 Absolute Monarchy in France Guided Reading/Constructed Response

3.1-3openNotequiz(complete at home if absent)

3.2MonarchyInFrance Guided Notes

3.2Monarchy in France 8-block questionaire


3.3Monarchy in England(Abbreviated) Guided notes

3.3Monarchy in England Crossword & Timeline

3.4Absolute Monarchs in Russia Guided Notes   

3.2-4Absolute Monarchs of 16th to 18th Century Europe

3.1-4 Facebook Project & Rubric

Facebook Profile Template-Make a Facebook Profile of a Historic Person

Facebook Template # 2 (choose which one is best for you)


Unit 3 Part 2 French Revolution & Napoleon Power points

Unit3.6a The Enlightenment

3.6bThe French Revolution (1PowerPoint with 2 Guided Notes)

3.6Review& FrenchRevolution /American Revolution Compare (there is a handout that goes with the video)

3.7-8 Age of Napoleon (1 Power Point includes 2 handouts & sections from the book)

Unit 3 Part 2 assingments

3.6a The Enlightenment Guided Notes

3.6b French Revolution Part One

3.6b French Revolution Part 2


French Revolution Shirt/Sweater Extra Credit

French Revolution/Napoleon Movie Poster Extra Credit

French Revolution Review worksheet (goes with crash course video)

Compare & Contrast American revolution with French Revolution Worksheet

3.7 Rise of Napoleon Guided Notes

3.8 Fall of Napoleon/Congress of Vienna Guided Notes

3.7 Napoleon forges an empire constructive response questions

3.7 Napoleon Crossword (there may be some squares that do not fit because some words were misspelled)


3.7-8 constructive response questions

Napoleon Test for Review

Napoleon Retest

Unit 4 The Industrial Revolution assingments

Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin video

Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times Worksheet

4.1The beginnings of the Industrial Revolution Guided notes

4.2Industrialization-Life in Factories,Constructed response Questions, Definitions

4.3NewIdeas-Crystal Palace in London/Andrew Carnegie/Questions

4.1-3Industrial Revolution Extra Credit

4.4-6Advances in Technology, Science, Medicine, Arts Guided Notes (examine & study on your own)

4.1-6 Defintions,Inventions,Ideas Card-Organizers(100 pts)

Industrial Revolution Online Practice Test


Unit 4 The Industrial Revolution Power Points

4.1The beginnings of the Industrial revolution

4.2Industrialization-Factories & Workers(go past assingment slide for help with constructed response questions)

4.3 Industrial Revolution-New Ideas in Society(Economic Thinkers)

4.4-6 Advances in Technology, Science, Medicine, Arts (examine & study on your own)

Unit 5 Nationalism & Imperialism Power Points

5.1Great  Britain, France, & Latin America 

5.2 Unification of Italy

5.3 Unification of Germany

5.4Austrian-Ottoman Empires-Balkans

5.5 Russia-Unrest, Reform & Reaction

Imperialism Power Points

5.6aIntroduction to Imperialism



5.7China-Japan and the West

5.8 Scramble for Africa


Unit 5 Nationalism & Imperialism Assingments

5.1Great Britain France, & Latin America Guided Notes 

5.2 Unification of Italy Guided Notes

5.3 Unification of Germany guided Notes

5.4 Austria-Ottoman Empire-Balkans guided Notes

5.2-3 Definitions, Constructed response questions & map

5.1-4 Nationalism TakeHome Test

Unit 5 Videos

White King, Red Rubber, Black Death(2004) Award winning documentary of the atrocities performed under the reign of King Leopold the Belgian King. Use this video & complete the worksheet

White King Red Rubber Black Death Movie Worksheet

Unit 5b Imperialism assingments

Scramble for Africa outline map assingment

Scramble for Africa country lisr(use with map above)

5.6a Introduction to Imperialism Guided Notes

5.6b British in India Guided Notes

5.6bLanguages of India Map Worksheet

5.6b Map of India Worksheet

5.7 China-Japan-East Asia & the West/Constructed response Questions

5.8 Scramble for Africa guided notes

5.8 William Sheppard Black Livingstone reading

5.8 William Sheppard Black Livingstone worksheet

5.8 Scramble for Africa definitions & political cartoon

Unit 6 World War I

Unit 6 World War I Powerpoints


6.1 Causes & beginnings of World War I

6.2 World War I A new kind of war

6.3 WorldWar I Ends

6.3a Black & Asian troops in World War One

6.4 Russian Revolution

World War One links

World War 1 museum interactive  Timeline

BBC World War One timeline

National World War One Museum

Unit 6 World War I Assingments

6.1WW1 Causes & beginnings guided notes

6.1 WW1 Map-paragraphs on Causes

6.2WW1NewKind of War guided Notes

6.2WW1New kind of War Organizer


6.2Battle of the Somme

6.3 WW1ends GuidedNotes

6.3aBlack & Asian troops in WW1 guided notes

6.3Harlem Hellfigters Reading

6.3harlem Hellfighters Guided reading Worksheet

6.1-3 World War One timeline

6.4 Russia Revolution Guided Notes

6.4 Russia Revolution Constructed Response Questions/Crossword Puzzle


MakeUp Work-World War War & Cold War Definitions & Constructed Response Questions




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