The Scramble for Africa

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During the mid-1800s Africa was largely unknown and unexplored by Europeans but between 1880 and 1914 European nations competed among themselves to divide Africa up as colonial possessions. This is often called the Scramble for Africa as Europeans divided the continent up with no attention given to language or cultural differences. The impact of this division of Africa still impacts Africa today as the continent struggles with the legacy of imperialism.

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You will examine the PowerPoint fond below. Then you will read about the atrocities in the Congo and the actions of a little known African American hero who served as a missionary in the Congo. Finally, you will examine a political cartoon and complete definitions relevant to imperialism in Africa.

Scramble for Africa Powerpoint

Scramble for Africa Guided Notes

Africa Colonial Map & Current Africa Map  (You can use the maps below)

Imperialism in Africa Definitions and Cartoon  (Use as makeup work)

Scramble for Africa Textbook reading


Africa After the Scramble, 1914

Africa Today


William Shepherd-center

William Shepherd Missionary & Explorer Reading

William Shepherd Missionary & Explorer Worksheet


Imperialism in China & Japan Modernizes


Europeans & Japan dividing China into spheres of influence

Tuesday & Wednesday we will look at both the impact of imperialism on both China and Japan. China struggled to stay isolated from the European nations but found themselves dominated by Europe.


Opium War Movie Poster

Japan also remained isolated for centuries but that isolation ended when US president Millard Fillmore sent Commodore Matthew Perry on a trade mission to Japan. Perry convinced the Japanese to sign the Treaty of Kanagawa which opened up Japanese ports to trade. The Japanese found this deeply humiliating and led to the Japanese drive towards modernization. Japan modernized so quickly that they became an industrial & imperial power. See the links below for the Powerpoint.

Afterwards, you will examine 2 political cartoons and evaluate them. Complete at least one paragraph on each cartoon.

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Commodore Perry in Japan: A Japanese perspective

Imperialism in China/Japan emerges as a World Power Powerpoint

Imperialism in China/Japan emerges as a World Power Guided Notes

Imperialism Political Cartoons

China Resists Outside Influence Textbook Reading

Japan Modernizes Textbook Reading

Imperialism in Southeast Asia Textbook reading


Japan during the Meiji Restoration

Introduction to Imperialism & Atrocity in the Congo

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Today we will look at imperialism and review a short powerpoint. During the 1800s European countries began to dominate territories in Africa and Asia. The competition for overseas colonies became intense between the nations of Europe.

Introduction to Imperialism Powerpoint 

Introduction to Imperialism Guided Notes

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After looking at European Imperialism we will watch the film White King, Red Rubber, Black Death. This film tells the story of the atrocities and genocide carried out by Belgium under King Leopold II.

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When King Leopold assumed the throne of Belgium he believed that he would become a great King and Belgium a great nation only if the country had colonies. Leopold manipulated the Berlin Conference in 1884 so the Congo became his personal colony. Great atrocities occurred to gain Leopold a great fortune from the rubber in the Congo basin. Leopold deserves a place among those like Hitler and Stalin because of the suffering Congo endured.

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Complete the constructed response questions while watching the film. Completed worksheets will be used as bonus points. It will either be used to replace missing work or as bonus points. (Also look on the bottom for another way for extra points)

White King, Red Rubber, Black Death Worksheet

Use the You Tube video and watch the film.

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Image result for congo free stateA common ploy used in the Congo Free State was to demand a certain quota of rubber from each village. Rubber was a very profitable raw material due to the new tire industry. Congo had the world’s largest supply of wild rubber trees. Leopold’s private army demanded villagers collect rubber. Missing a quota was punished violently. It was not uncommon for the hands and feet of men, women, and children to be amputated as punishment for not collecting enough rubber or ivory. Hostages were taken from villages and used as a bargaining chip when demanding quotas. Villagers knew that not gathering the specified quota of goods could mean the execution of their friends & family.




Great Britain, Queen Victoria and the British Empire

Democratic Reform in the British Empire


We will continue to look at nationalistic movements in Europe and then we will look worldwide as the Europeans began imperialistic movements by establishing colonies in Africa and Asia. Today we will examine the changes in Great Britain and the British empire as it became more democratic. We will examine Britain as it was dominated by wealthy landowners and then changed as the suffrage was spread to all men and eventually women.


The links for the day are found below

Democratic Reforms in Britain Powerpoint

Democratic Reforms in Britain Guided Notes

Reforms in Britain Guided Reading

British Empire



New Unit: Nationalism & Imperialism Today- Italian and German Unification


We are starting a new Unit with an examination of Nationalism and Imperialism.

Which nation-state is oldest Germany, Italy or the United States? Most people would assume Italy or Germany but the fact is that the United States is the oldest nation-state of the three. Both Italy and Germany have older civilizations than the U.S.A. but when the United States was formed as a nation both Italy and Germany were divided into multiple states and kingdoms.  Italy had not experienced any real unity since the fall of the Roman Empire.

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We will look at Italy first and then look at how Otto von Bismarck used realpolitik as a strategy to unite Germany. Afterwards,  you will complete a crossword puzzle and guided reading questions.

Italian and German Unification PowerPoint

Italian and German Unification Guided Notes

Italian and German Unification Crossword Puzzle & Guided Reading


Industrial Revolution:Study Guide and Data-based Question

We will take a test on the Industrial Revolution on Thursday or Friday. The test will consist of two parts. The first part will have 10-15 multiple choice questions, while the second part will be a data-based question. You will use the evidence which will be provided to write an essay. In anticipation of the test, you have an opportunity to complete a study guide and a Data-based question. The links for the study guide ,the data-based question worksheet, and the evidence can be found below.

Industrial Revolution Study Guide

Use the outline in the link as an organizer to help you complete your data-based question. Answer the following question:

What were the positive and negative effects of the Industrial Revolution?

This task is designed to test your ability to work with historic documents. As you
analyze the documents, take into account both the source of the document and the author’s point of view, for they may greatly affect how you use them.
First, analyze each document in the Industrial Revolution Primary Source Packet and carefully decide whether this evidence supports a POSITIVE effect of the Industrial Revolution or a NEGATIVE effect of the Industrial Revolution.

You must create a topic sentence for your essay (introduction) and then a topic sentence for each of the three body paragraphs. Your body paragraph topic sentence should introduce the topic for the paragraph and make a defensible statement.

Each body paragraph topic sentence must be supported with two different
pieces of evidence (research based on the documents) for a total of six pieces of evidence from the following documents. You should present evidence (research) that pertains directly to the topic above, nothing else – briefly explaining what/how you would be arguing from your evidence. After each piece of evidence, cite the document using (Doc. #1, or #2, etc.).

Data-Based Question Organizer

Data-based Question Evidence

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New Economic Ideas: Capitalism vs. Communism

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As Industry grew and populations grew from primarily rural to urban society began to change and new ways of thinking about the economy emerged. Next, we will examine the new ideas and the thinkers who struggled with how to understand the consequences of the industrial world. Laissezfaire economics as presented by the writer Adam Smith supported free market capitalism while Karl Marx advanced the theories of socialism and communism.  Links to the Powerpoint & work are found in the links below. The Crash Course World History video is a helpful summary.

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New Ideas in Society Powerpoint

New Ideas in Society Guided Notes

Industrialization Spreads Textbook Reading

Reforming the Industrial World Textbook Reading

Jeremy Bentham

Jeremy Bentham proposed utilitarianism the idea that the goal of  society should be “the greatest happiness for the greatest number of citizens.”  After he died his body was stuffed and it is still on display at University College London. I met Jeremy in 2002.


Lastly, you will complete a crossword puzzle and read about the Crystal Palace Exposition that was held in London at the height of the Industrial Revolution.


Industrial Revolution Word Search, Political Cartoon & Crystal Palace Guided Reading

The growth of Industry and the Rise of the Industrialist


The growth of industry brought about changes in society and the growth of industry. Before the Industrial Revolution, wealthy landowners controlled most of the wealth & power in society but afterward, power and wealth became centered in industrialists, financiers, and bankers. These entrepreneurs would pool their money to create large corporations which created large industries. We will examine some of these industrialists like Andrew Carnegie in a short powerpoint.



Industry & Industrialists Powerpoint

Industry & Industrialists Guided Notes

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Afterwards, you will create an advertisement for an invention that impacted the Industrial Revolution.

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Your Task: Create an advertisement for a technological advance in history.  This should be a one-page ad that could appear in a newspaper or magazine.

 Your ad must include:

  1. A drawing of the item or the location of the event
  2. Color throughout
  3. Why people should be interested
  4. A price
  5. A list of what the item does
  6. A made up quote from someone living at the time

After creating your advertisement describe your product in one paragraph. What does your product do and how does it advance society.

Advertisement Assignment Instructions Sheet

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Industrial Revolution- An Introduction

Today we will continue an examination of the Industrial Revolution by looking at the beginnings and causes of the great changes wrought by the coming of Industry.

Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution Powerpoint

Inventions & Definitions Organizer Use the organizer to research important inventions. Include a definition, the purpose of the invention, the inventor, the country of origin and the result & impact of the invention. Be brief. Then summarize the invention that has had the greatest impact on you. The textbook reading below will help you understand the topic discussed today.

The Beginnings of Industrialization Textbook Reading


The following video helps explain the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution

New Unit: Industrial Revolution

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With the start of a new semester, we will also begin a new unit. We will investigate the Revolutionary changes wrought by the Industrial Revolution. This will include the changes brought by inventions and advances in technology but also the new ideas that emerged as a result of industrialization & urbanization. But first, we will look at the Agricultural revolution in Great Britain and how that led to the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. From there will examine the growth of industry in the textile industry which was advanced by inventions such as the steam engine. We will look at both inventions & the inventors.

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Today we will watch the old mostly silent Charlie Chaplin movie, Modern Times. Charlie Chaplain’s Modern Times shows the struggle to survive in the modern, industrialized world. Although much of the movie is silent it is still a funny movie that has serious themes. The movie, Modern Times deals with many of the problems industrial society struggles with as well as contemporary society. Problems such as urbanization, unemployment, communism, drug use, and poverty all get a mention in this movie. For more on Chaplin and the movie check out the website dedicated to Chaplin.

Watch the movie and answer the questions on the worksheet link found below.

Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times Constructed Response Questions

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